We are an official operator (LOU, Local Operating Unit), accredited for years by the GLEIF (Global Entity Identifier Foundation - supervisory and coordination body of the LEI system) for the issue and management of LEI codes.



of the codes


Quality can be seen in the numbers: we are the first Italian operator for codes issued and managed.


We ensure accurate data verification thanks to the real-time connection with the Italian Business Register.


A unique international identifier

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The LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier) ​​is an alphanumeric code, based on an international standard, to uniquely identify the legal entities operating in the financial markets

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We are the main issuer of LEI codes in Italy

Infocamere manages the information assets and services of the Chambers of Commerce and develops digital tools for businesses.

We constantly pass the quality checks imposed by GLEIF (supervisory and coordination body of the LEI system) and we offer a high quality and reliable service
Choose the first issuer of LEI codes in Italy

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Do you manage more LEI codes on behalf of others? Do you want an integrated and advanced solution? We offer you a professional service to manage many codes at the same time: simple, fast and efficient at an advantageous price.


Choose the new ID LEI service provided by InfoCamere

From today, our service is available in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Germany, three key countries in the financial world. With the new ID LEI service for the foreign market, you can register, renew, or transfer a LEI code in just a few minutes.


If you request activation of your code from InfoCamere LEI, you can receive it within twenty-four hours, usually within two working days.

Because we offer you a high quality and reliable service
InfoCamere LEI is the leading issuer of LEI codes in Italy.
InfoCamere LEI is a product of InfoCamere, a company that manages the data and services for Chambers of Commerce, and develops digital solutions for businesses.
We always pass the quality checks imposed by GLEIF, the supervisory and coordination body of the LEI system.

The InfoCamere LEI certificate is a document with the main data of your LEI code, it also has a QR CODE that allows you to verify, in real time, the validity of your code.
You can request the certificate of your or other LEI codes whenever you want, and if you want to receive it for free, activate or renew a code for three years with InfoCamere LEI!

If you want to request or renew a LEI code you can pay by credit card or MAV payment slip, otherwise, if you wish to purchase an InfoCamere LEI certificate you can use a credit card.

As of May 1, 2017, in order to request or renew a LEI code, it is necessary to provide some information regarding Corporate Structure.
If you are a legal entity that is part of a corporate group, you must enter the master data relating to the parent company or holding company and provide the latest consolidated financial statements. If you are not part of a corporate group, it will be sufficient to declare that you are not under the control of another legal entity.

Of course! You can request the code for your client: just access the platform, make the request and attach the proxy form signed by the legal representative together with his/her identity document.

If your LEI code has expired, don't worry, it's still assigned to you even though you can't use it.
If you want to use it again you have to renew it. You may opt to renew for one or three years if you use InfoCamere LEI.

If you want to renew your LEI code, access or register on the InfoCamere LEI portal using the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), the National Service Card (CNS), or your credentials, and with just a few simple steps you will quickly be able to renew it!

Renewing a code is something you do every year to keep the code you have activated valid.
Transferring a LEI code, on the other hand, requires your code to be transferred from the current provider to a different one. The transfer is free and your LEI remains the same, switch to InfoCamere LEI today!!

FastLEI is a service dedicated only to those firms registered with the Italian Business Register who pay the issuance or renewal of LEI codes by credit card.

To find the expiration date of the LEI code, it is possible to access the InfoCamere LEI website and use the search function to access one of the parameters proposed to display the summary of data associated with the LEI code.

Different documents may be required to be attached, according to the type of subject (company enrolled in the Business Register, investment fund, public administration, and so on), you work for. You will find the list of necessary documents and the instructions on how to attach them, while completing the request.

You can access the InfoCamere LEI portal, search for the code and send a request to change the information (personal and corporate structure information).
You can check to see that your data has already been automatically updated by the Business Register, if you are a registered user.

As of January 3, 2018, according to European regulations, the requirement to have a LEI code has been extended to legal entities that have a securities account (for transactions relating to shares, bonds, warrants, government bonds) or that carry out trading in derivative instruments.
In the case of transactions in the financial markets, the LEI code is required for:

  • subjects registered in the Business Register;
  • Italian branches of foreign companies;
  • investment funds managed by companies registered in the Business Register;
  • pension funds;
  • other entities (such as public administrations, associations, foundations).

You can use the search function to:

  • find LEI codes issued and managed by InfoCamere and other international organizations;
  • verify the information of a LEI code you have entered into the search bar.

The LEI code is valid for one year. When you activate or renew the LEI code, you can choose between a one or a three-year plan.

We advise you to check the list of subjects who are required to have it in order to operate in world financial markets.
If you find that you do not need the LEI Code, simply do not renew it when it expires.