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Renew your LEI code

To renew, register and log in to the portal

The LEI code has a duration of one year from its initial issuance and annual renewal of the code is important to maintain the accuracy and currency of the information associated with it. The renewal process ensures transparency in the financial market by correctly identifying the entities operating within it.

If you are registered in the Business Register, renew directly from the link sent to your registered PEC account.

Alternatively register / access the portal and renew in a few steps.


Sign in

Access the dedicated area in the InfoCamere LEI portal to renew the LEI code.


Fill in

Confirm or update the data associated with the LEI and attach any necessary documents to the renewal request.



Send your renewal request and make the payment in the way you prefer. In a short time the LEI code will be renewed.

How much it cost?

65,00  € *

*Prices are VAT excluded and already include the fixed contribution of 11 US $ required by the GLEIF.

From today you can choose a three-year plan!


Tired of thinking about the expiration of your LEI? Choose the three-year plan and your code will be updated. Renew now, you will receive the LEI Code Certification of your LEI for free every year. With the three-year plan we take care of everything!
The price for the two subsequent annual renewals is € 65.00 + VAT.

Do you need to renew your LEI code today?

With the FastLEI service, if your business is registered with the Business Register and you pay by credit card, you will be able to renew the LEI code on the same day if you complete the request by 3 p.m..If you complete the request after 3 p.m. you will obtain the renewed LEI code by 12 noon on the next working day.

How much does FastLEI cost?

25,00  € *

*Plus the cost of renewal

InfoCamere LEI: the data quality

InfoCamere guarantees the automatic updating of the personal data (level 1) of the subjects registered in the Business Register, for the entire period of validity of the LEI code.

The data of subjects not registered in the Business Register and the data relating to the corporate structure (level 2) are verified at the time of renewal by a team of specialized operators who provide qualified assistance in Italian.

The LEI code renewed through the InfoCamere LEI service can also be consulted through the company's Chamber of Commerce registration, available on the website:


Necessary tools

To renew an LEI code, alternatively use a CNS, a SPID, a digital signature device or a holographic signature (the normal signature on paper).

Documents required

The documents supporting the renewal request vary according to the type of applicant company. Consult the Specific FAQ for the detailed list

Are you acting as an Delegate?

To operate on behalf of another person, obtain a copy of the delegating party's identity document, register and use the pre-filled proxy document you find while completing / entering the request, otherwise download the proxy form


Because we offer you a high quality and reliable service
InfoCamere LEI is the leading issuer of LEI codes in Italy.
InfoCamere LEI is a product of InfoCamere, a company that manages the data and services for Chambers of Commerce, and develops digital solutions for businesses.
We always pass the quality checks imposed by GLEIF, the supervisory and coordination body of the LEI system.

If you want to request or renew a LEI code you can pay by credit card or MAV payment slip, otherwise, if you wish to purchase an InfoCamere LEI certificate you can use a credit card.

If your LEI code has expired, don't worry, it's still assigned to you even though you can't use it.
If you want to use it again you have to renew it. You may opt to renew for one or three years if you use InfoCamere LEI.

With the launch of ID LEI, InfoCamere now extends its expertise as Local Operating Unit (LOU) to an international audience by operating in other major European jurisdictions.

In fact, from January 2023, on https://id-lei.com it is possible to apply for, renew, transfer and manage the LEI code of legal entities having their registered office in the United Kingdom, in Germany and Luxembourg.

If you want to renew your LEI code, access or register on the InfoCamere LEI portal using the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), the National Service Card (CNS), or your credentials, and with just a few simple steps you will quickly be able to renew it!

Renewing a code is something you do every year to keep the code you have activated valid.
Transferring a LEI code, on the other hand, requires your code to be transferred from the current provider to a different one. The transfer is free and your LEI remains the same, switch to InfoCamere LEI today!!

To find the expiration date of the LEI code, it is possible to access the InfoCamere LEI website and use the search function to access one of the parameters proposed to display the summary of data associated with the LEI code.