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The LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a unique code made up of 20 alphanumeric characters based on the international ISO 17442 standard. It is attributed to identify parties to financial transactions throughout the world, in all markets and legal systems.
The LEI code is uniquely attributed to the Tax Code of the entity and cannot be transferred from one legal person to another. When a LEI code is assigned, the services made available by the GLEIF are used to carry out the relative checks to ensure that the issued code is in fact unique on a global scale.
It is possible to request the activation of a LEI code online by using the following payment methods: Credit card, "MAV" deposit slip.

Necessary tools

To request a LEI code, alternatively you can use a CNS,SPID or a digital signature device. If using SPID and CNS, you no longer need a digital signature.

Documents required

The support documents required vary depending on the type of entity making the request.

Further information

Are you acting as an Agent?

To operate on behalf of another entity, please register and use the duly completed  proxy document and get a copy of the delegating authority's ID document.