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Move to InfoCamere LEI

Have you activated your code with another operator? Move to InfoCamere for free.

If you want the data associated with your LEI to be constantly and automatically updated thanks to the connection with the Business Register, you can entrust your LEI code (activated with another operator) to InfoCamere LEI.
To do this, follow a few simple steps.


Sign in

Access the dedicated area in the InfoCamere LEI portal to transfer the LEI code.


Update or confirm

Search for the LEI to be transferred and then confirm or update the data associated with the transfer request code.



Submit your request. Confirm your choice when you are contacted by the previous manager.

How much it cost? It’s free!


*Prices are VAT excluded and already include the fixed contribution of 11 US $ required by the GLEIF.


Code transfer is always free. If your code has expired or is about to expire, the InfoCamere LEI service allows you to renew at the same time as the transfer.

Why transfer your code to InfoCamere LEI?

InfoCamere LEI provides high reliability thanks to the real-time connection with the official data of the Business Register.

Furthermore, with us, you do not risk making your LEI code expire: thanks to an automatic notification system you will be informed in advance of the approaching expiration date directly in the portal and through the chosen channels so that you can always keep the LEI code active.

The portability of an LEI code from another operator is provided for by the LEI system regulations and does not imply any burden for the applicant. At the end of the transfer, your code will be immediately published on our portal.

Necessary tools

To transfer an LEI code, alternatively use a CNS, a SPID, a digital signature device or a holographic signature (the normal signature on paper).

Required documents

The documents supporting the transfer request vary according to the type of applicant company. Consult the Specific FAQ for the detailed list

the detailed list

To operate on behalf of another person, obtain a copy of the delegating party's identity document, register and use the pre-filled proxy document you find while completing / entering the request, otherwise download the proxy document


Because we offer you a high quality and reliable service
InfoCamere LEI is the leading issuer of LEI codes in Italy.
InfoCamere LEI is a product of InfoCamere, a company that manages the data and services for Chambers of Commerce, and develops digital solutions for businesses.
We always pass the quality checks imposed by GLEIF, the supervisory and coordination body of the LEI system.

Renewing a code is something you do every year to keep the code you have activated valid.
Transferring a LEI code, on the other hand, requires your code to be transferred from the current provider to a different one. The transfer is free and your LEI remains the same, switch to InfoCamere LEI today!!