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Transfer your LEI code now

Do you have a LEI code with another LOU? Move to InfoCamere free of charge.

Transferring your LEI code has never been so easy. If you already have a LEI code and you want InfoCamere to manage it, then all you need to do is follow a few, simple steps. The InfoCamere LEI service is highly reliable thanks to its connection with official data from the Business Register.
The LEI system regulations allow for a LEI code to be transferred from one LOU to another and this is free of charge for the requestor. Once the transfer is complete, your code will be immediately published on our portal.
From 3rd January 2018, when the MIFID II legislation and the MIFIR regulation came into force, all legal entities operating on financial markets must have a LEI code. With InfoCamere, an accredited LOU pursuant to GLEIF regulations, you can transfer your LEI code in a simple and fast way, free of charge.

Necessary tools

To transfer a LEI code, alternatively you can use a CNS,SPID or a digital signature device. If using SPID and CNS, you no longer need a digital signature.

Documents requested

All you need to transfer your code is the legal representative's ID document.

Further information

Are you acting as an Agent?

To operate on behalf of another entity, please register and use the duly completed  proxy document and get a copy of the delegating authority's ID document.