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InfoCamere, the technological arm of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, is the agency which handles the information services and assets of the entire chamber network.
Infocamere designs and develops innovative solutions to serve the Chambers of Commerce and to connect them continuously to all actors in the Italian industrial and economic landscape: businesses, citizens, Public Administrations, trade Associations, professional rolls and providers of business information. In fact, InfoCamere manages the high-speed, high-security, national network connecting the nerve-centres of the chamber organisation, transforming complex administrative procedures into paperless eGovernment transactions accessed millions of times each month by companies and anyone interested in company information.
The most important Chamber of Commerce database handled by Infocamere is the online Business Register, official source of legal information on all Italian companies since 1993, when it became Europe's first totally online Business Register.


Unioncamere - the National Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handiwork and Agriculture is a public body which unites and officially represents the Italian Chambers of Commerce.
Founded in 1901, it creates and manages services and activities of interest to the Chambers of Commerce and to the various economic sectors, coordinating the initiatives of the Chambers of Commerce through direction and guidance of the individual bodies making up the extended chamber organisation.
To help Chamber of Commerce bodies fulfill their legally assigned roles, Unioncamere works with other public administrations, both central and local, creating agreements, contracts and conventions to promote and develop the collaboration of Chambers of Commerce with associations of businesspersons and organisations of consumers and workers.
At the European level, Unioncamere represents the Italian chambers in Eurochambres, the association of European chambers of commerce.



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