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  • view or move to IC LEI for codes not managed by InfoCamere LEI (search / selection "on Global LEI")
Coccarda Attestato
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You can use the search function to:

  • find LEI codes issued and managed by InfoCamere and other international organizations;
  • verify the information of a LEI code you have entered into the search bar.

The InfoCamere LEI certificate is a document with the main data of your LEI code, it also has a QR CODE that allows you to verify, in real time, the validity of your code.
You can request the certificate of your or other LEI codes whenever you want, and if you want to receive it for free, activate or renew a code for three years with InfoCamere LEI!

To find the expiration date of the LEI code, it is possible to access the InfoCamere LEI website and use the search function to access one of the parameters proposed to display the summary of data associated with the LEI code.

You can access the InfoCamere LEI portal, search for the code and send a request to change the information (personal and corporate structure information).
You can check to see that your data has already been automatically updated by the Business Register, if you are a registered user.