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Welcome to the LEI request service.

To apply for a new LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier) you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the service and correctly complete the online procedure.

  • Art. 5 (Duration of the service, renewal and early cancellation of the pre-LEI code);
  • Art. 6 (Economic conditions of the service);
  • Art. 8 (Duties, restrictions and responsibilities of the Requester and the Delegated person);
  • Art. 9 (Duties and responsibilities of InfoCamere);
  • Art. 10 (Changes in the Contract and/or the Service);
  • Art. 11 (Temporary Suspension of the Service);
  • Art. 12 (Cancellation of the Contract);
  • Art. 16 (Dispute Resolution).


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