Lei Infocamere premiata da GLEIF

GLEIF has awarded Infocamere the prize for "Best-Performing LEI Issuer"

The Italian LOU is confirmed as the best for data quality parameters in issuing, renewing and managing the LEI code

As the main Local Operating Unit (LOU) for Italy, GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) has awarded Infocamere the prize for "Best-Performing LEI Issuer in the Large-Cap Category 2023 (more than 100,000 LEIs under management)". This recognition highlights our excellence in the supply and management of LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) codes, which are a crucial identifier for the legal entities involved in global financial transactions.

The LEI code, which is a unique identifier, facilitates the transparency and traceability of corporate operations at international level, and our dedication to data quality is evident in every aspect of its management. The prize awarded by GLEIF bears tangible witness to our commitment and leadership in the sector.

Infocamere continues to stand at the forefront in data management practices, offering efficient solutions to facilitate the day-to-day operations of Italian businesses. Now with ID LEI, platform for managing the LEI code in the UK, Germany and Luxembourg, we are aiming to provide the same quality on the foreign market.

Our prestigious position as "Best-Performing LEI Issuer" means we must be even more committed to constant quality and compliance with international standards, consolidating our reputation as a trusted partner in the complex financial and legal context.