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List of LEI codes issued by LEI-Italy

This section offers the lists of LEI codes and related participant information issued by LEI-Italy. Every day two files are made available: the complete list, to-date, of LEI codes issued by LEI-Italy (FULL files) and the incremental list of codes issued on the date in question (DELTA files). The files are in XML format - XSD Schema.

Moreover, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) on all the Local Operating Units (LOUs) of the Global LEI System (GLEIS), as of 24/07/2014, the files FULL and DELTA are available following the standard Common File Format
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Date Full File Delta File
19/10/2019 1.208897E7 kB
18/10/2019 93055.0 kB
17/10/2019 1.0861531E7 kB
16/10/2019 1.0855582E7 kB
15/10/2019 1.0849238E7 kB
14/10/2019 1.0844949E7 kB
13/10/2019 1.0845131E7 kB
12/10/2019 1.0843865E7 kB
11/10/2019 1.0839583E7 kB
10/10/2019 1.0833342E7 kB
09/10/2019 1.0827286E7 kB
08/10/2019 1.0821046E7 kB
07/10/2019 1.0817261E7 kB
06/10/2019 1.081701E7 kB
05/10/2019 1.0814683E7 kB
04/10/2019 1.080788E7 kB
03/10/2019 1.0804509E7 kB
02/10/2019 1.079851E7 kB
01/10/2019 1.0790067E7 kB
30/09/2019 1.078655E7 kB
29/09/2019 1.078691E7 kB
28/09/2019 1.0785462E7 kB
27/09/2019 1.0780985E7 kB
26/09/2019 1.0775199E7 kB
25/09/2019 1.0770148E7 kB

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