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LEI Code: international identifier for legal entities

The LEI Italy service allows Italian companies and investment funds to apply for and renew an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier), the unique, global identifier for participants in financial transactions.

Who can request an LEI code?

An LEI can be requested by Italian companies, investment funds represented by their managing companies listed in the Business Register, pension funds and all other institutions to fulfill the obligations under EMIR, MiFIR and MiFID II.
Infocamere, as a Local Operating Unit accredited by the Global LEI Foundation, is responsible for the issuance, renewal and management of LEI codes.


The request of LEI code can be presented directly by Legal Representative of the Legal Entity or by his agent. InfoCamere provides a service reserved for the intermediaries, relating to mass requests for LEI codes in the name and on behalf of their customers. For further information about this service, please contact us at verifica.lei-italy@infocamere.it.

Infocamere as Local Operating Unit is part of Global LEI System (GLEIS), the international system for the management of LEIs, coordinated by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation.

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